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     In the late 1800's the word was out. "There's gold in them there hills!" The GOLD RUSH was on. They came from around the world searching for that wonderful, illusive metal..... Gold. Here in the Old Dale Mining District 15 miles east of 29 Palms are the remnants of those old mines. One can appreciate the hardship endured and the motivation of those early miners packing everything on foot or by mule to this remote and often harsh environment. We are touring such mines as the Mission, the Belle, the Iron Age, the Gypsy, and the Star Mine. Along the way you will get to enjoy magnificent mountain views, breathtaking landscapes and the ride of your life. Our tour guide has been associated with these mines for twenty years and is very knowledgeable about the locations, the processes and the desert conditions, so come and see for yourself. Get to prospect for ore samples, check out old gold mines, go way back into the hills and have the adventure of a lifetime!
Experience Hands On Gold Panning!

     Tours are now available to the gold mines (mostly abandoned) of the Old Dale Mining District in the Pinto Mountains east of 29 Palms. Our tour guide has had many years of experience in the back country and the gold mining business. Most sites can only be accessed by four wheel drive vehicles. All efforts are made for you to have a safe and enjoyable trip. We are not responsible for the gross negligence of visitors. Come prepared with boots and tough clothing. Watch for rattlesnakes and stay away from cliffs and dropoffs. We have been personally touring the back country for many years and have found the experience safe and enjoyable. Tours must be booked in advance. Reservations are imperative.
Gold Mines
Belle Mine Tour: 3 hrs
     The Belle Mine is reached by a challenging back country road up to an awesome view in the midst of the Pinto Mountains. Upon arriving at the site, visitors debark and get to explore. It is about a 15 minute hike to the mine entrance. The Belle is a tunnel mine which proceed 2400 feet into the mountain. Going 30 feet into the mine is probably a prudent exploration. Visitors can prospect with the use of metal detectors. There is an abundance of ore samples lying about and this is an extremely picturesque and exciting adventure, so bring your camera. Participants should be relatively physically fit.
Gold Mines
Iron Age Mine Tour: 3 hrs
     The Iron Age Mine is a huge abandoned iron mine situated way up a mountain. This mine was operation from the1930's to the1960's and the metal was very important to the war effort. The miners used ammonium nitrate (cow manure) and diesel as explosives. The rocks were broken to smaller sizes and transported to be processed. The scale of the operation, vast pile of tailings, and remote area tell a tale that is a part of history. A very scenic road and many photo opportunities. Tour of salt mine add: 1 hr.
Gold Mines
Iron Age Plus Tour: 6-8 Hrs.
     The above tour plus deep mountain roads to various mines. Very exciting and challenging!
Gold Mines
Gold Crown, Mission, Park Wilderness Tour: 6 Hrs.
     General overview of the Old Dale Mining District with stops at: Virginia Dale Mine, Supply Mine, New Dale, Gold Crown Mine, Mission Mine and the Park Wilderness Area.
Gold Mines
Gypsy Mine Tour: 3 Hrs.
     Far west back side of Humbug Mountain with an active claim. Visit: Imperial Mine, Gypsy Mine, Maria Mine and Golden Eagle Mine.
Gold Mines
Star Mine Tour: 3 Hrs.
     West side of Old Dale District, various small pocket mines including the Star Boston G.L.
Gold Mines
Belle Mine Plus Tour
     Small mines en route to the large mine near the mountain summit. Very panaramic vistas!

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