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Welcome to Computor Zone's website. Our goal is total customer satisfaction.

• LEFT:  One of our qualified technicians make the   final connections on a Computor Zone upgrade.

• BELOW:  Computor Zone carries a full line of   hardware and accessories at the right price!!!

Wondering where to go to get the best service and the best price in computers?  Most people don't know about the new computer store in town...Computor Zone.  Actually it is not so new anymore, Computor Zone has been in Yucca Valley for quite a while and just recently has opened in their new location in Yucca Valley.

Computor Zone was opened in 2000 as an alternative to having to drive down to the computer show or a store in Palm Springs to get a decent price on service or parts for your computer.  People must like them as they have grown, moved and remodeled the shop several times to accommodate the growing demand.  Not only that they moved to a new location in the old Roberts Realty Building .  They have expanded the service area to handle several simultaneous projects, usually completing service to a computer quickly, they even offer rush service.  Computor Zone now stocks more parts than ever before and if the part is not in the shop they have a warehouse providing Next Day Delivery of tens of thousands of parts.

Why the heck are they called Computor Zone you ask?  No it is not a typo and sure they know how to spell computer.  The technicians try to emphasize that they are not hung up on technical terms and can speak to the most experienced or inexperienced person with ease.  The business is targeted toward the everyday person, when you walk into the store you don't have to know what a terabyte is, they welcome questions (no charge!) and if they do not have what you are looking for, they will try and point you in the right direction.

Computor Zone was opened by Larry Giron who grew up here in Yucca Valley and moved back after about 9 years away.  Larry grew up in Yucca Valley wrestled at Yucca Valley High School and afterward competed in amateur wrestling, winning a state championship, spent some time in the Navy, lived in Japan, did computer consulting and taught Computer Science at San Diego City College.  Larry moved back to Yucca after getting married to raise a family, be close to his parents and open Computor Zone.  He plans on expanding in the near future yet again and looks forward to continued growth and service here in Yucca Valley. Feel free to speak English, Spanish, Computer-ese or very basic Japanese and he will be happy to help you!

Open 5 Days a week in Yucca Valley Tues-Sat
(760) 228-2585 or (760) 365-9663
56080 29 Palms Hwy.
Yucca Valley, CA. 92284

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